In Focus – Prof. Walter Lewin

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.”
William Aurthur Ward

The teacher is given a place above god because they are the one who do the most challenging work of engaging our minds on positive side. With the world developing at a supersonic pace, we need teachers who could teach how to think and not what to think. If I start counting, there are so many great names. But the name which I would keep on top is of Prof. Walter Lewin. A very obvious question which can be raised here is, Why Prof. lewin? Then I would say, you would soon come to know.



Walter is a Dutch astrophysist and former professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for about 43 years. Lewin contribution in astrophysics include the discovery of the first slowly rotating neutron star through all- sky balloon surveys and research in X ray detection in investigations through satellites and observatories. He has also received awards for teaching and is known for his lectures in Physics and online courses taught on edX and MIT OpenCourseWare.

He firmly believe that on the scale of a human body, one can explain the world outside. In the video attached above, is Prof. Walter Lewin, during his lecture, who risked his life for the sake of showing students the law of conservation of energy, although he could have broken his chin if he had given some velocity to the ball. With him, both learning and teaching are fun. He has now retired but his videos are still viral with about 5000 views on internet daily.