A Riddle posed by a student

Shriram T.G sent me this riddle –

If you are reduced to the size of a penny, and you are reduced such that your density remains the same but your mass and size is reduced. Now you are put inside a blender and the blades of the blender will just start in 60 seconds. What will you do if you have to come out.


Bizarre as it is, it proved very mind boggling for me. I was constantly tempted to google it up. 😀 But then I didn’t. The riddle stresses on density remaining unchanged. I was pretty sure the answer relied on this fact.

Initially I thought the answer to be one of the following

  1. Sleeping beneath the blades
  2. Standing very close to the wall of the jar (outside the swing area of the blade)
  3. Sitting right at the centre of the blade where there is a bolt and no sharp edges

But my previous interactions with this student of mine had made it very clear he won’t ask such an easy riddle. 😛 So I thought further centring my thoughts to “constant density” mentioned in the question. After some time I did figure it out.

The answer is –

I would jump out of the blender.

Weird? Find an explanation here.