ISRO PSLV-C24 / IRNSS-1B Mission

Its a proud day for India as we launch PSLV-C24 / IRNSS-1B into space today. Complex term as it might seem, let me break it down for you!

PSLV is the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that will be used to carry the satellite into space. It looks something like this:


Image of PSLV - Polae Satellite Launch Vehicle
PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle


C-24 tells us the flight number of this (PSLV) kind of Satellite Launcher.

IRNSS-1B tells us the name of the satellite that will be launched using this launcher. This is the second satellite of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). It looks something like this:

Image of IRNSS-1B

IRNSS is important to us because it will make us independent of the GPS system that was developed by the USA and make us self-sufficient in navigation. It will find many applications in transport, marine research, agriculture, etc. to name a few.

The launch is scheduled in a couple of hours from now and you can catch the live updates here:

I also insist that you go through the ISRO brochure I am attaching to know more about this awesome technological masterpiece! 😉

The brochure by ISRO : PSLV-C24/IRNSS-1B