ScrapLabs Challenger – #3

We all have just celebrated Christmas! And how we loved all the food that was cooked. But with the relishing taste, here comes a chance for you to win the next ScrapLabs challenger!

Microwave ovens have made cooking really simple. Their cost-effectiveness, reliability and ease of use have made them an essential appliance in the kitchen. However, microwaves are also one of the biggest scientific inventions of all time. And this will be testing you for the next one week! 😉

We all know how effective they are in heating water and food. But they can’t heat air! And this is exactly what you need to tell me –

Why can’t microwave ovens heat air?

Answer this simple question and win yourself awesome goodies and title of the winner of ScrapLabs Challenger – #3.

Mail your answers (and clarification queries) to [email protected] with ScrapLabs Challenger – #3 as the subject. If I am impressed by your answer I might send you a winning gift! 😀

Last date for submiting entries is January 15, 2014. Winners will be announced on January 17, 2014.