ScrapLabs Challenger – #1

Great engineers in making, here we are with the first ever ScrapLabs challenger for you – Scraplabs Challenger #1.

You need to help me understand –

How does a match-stick burn?

Not that I don’t know how to light a match-stick! 😛 But you need to explain me the whole process of its burning. Also you’ll need to tell me –

Why is there a small empty space between the match-stick and the flame?

As you can see in the image below the flame actually lights up 0.5 – 1 mm away from the match-stick!


Image : burning match-stick
Source :


Beautiful as it is, it is also very peculiar to me and it might prove to be rewarding for you. 😉

Send your entries to : [email protected] with tittle – “ScrapLabs Challenger #1”. If you really impress me with your answers, I MIGHT send you a surprise 😉 and you may have your name featured on our blog!

Conduct some experiments… play with matches a bit an send me your observations. 🙂