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The Bermuda Triangle is a well-known term around the world thanks to the numerous mysteries surrounding the tragic events occurred over the years. The so-called ‘devil’s triangle’ lies between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda on the Atlantic Ocean. While there are several claims and theories regarding the disappearance of dozens of aircrafts and ships in the region, none of them has any conclusively proof.

The latest theory by meteorologists claims that the cause of the events is the unusual hexagonal clouds that are causing winds at 170 mph speed in the region. According to them, these winds are probably striking down planes and ships for years. Though this has been the most plausible explanation to date, it still needs some additional data to support the claim.

Scraplabs December Challenger

Christopher Columbus gave one of the first reports on the Bermuda Triangle. He claimed to have witnessed a great ball of fire crashing into the sea and a mysterious light appearing a few weeks later while setting out on his first voyage into the new world. But more notably he also reported erratic compass readings. This mention seems to be constant in all the mysteries surrounding this region in the Atlantic Ocean. 


The fluctuations in the compass are said to be caused by the line-up of the true north and the magnetic north.  That is the compass tends to point at the true north rather than the magnetic north in this region.

A simple compass works on the magnetism of the Earth. The magnetic needle in the compass is attracted to this magnetism and points towards the constantly shifting magnetic north pole. But the true north or the geographic north is situated at 1200 miles north of the magnetic pole. So the deviation between the two is called the magnetic declination or the compass variation. This variation keeps changing while travelling across the Earth and can change to as much as 20 degrees.

Scraplabs December Challenger


Now let us assume if the compass malfunctioning is the answer to the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. So the challenge for you is to make a compass that can account for the errors in readings that occur in the region.

* You will be evaluated on the basis of your creativity and validity of concepts backing your model *

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