How 2 Kids In Scotland Decided To Learn About The Ocean

Ollie and Harry Ferguson both 8 and 6 respectively made a 500 point long bucket list with their father. One of the things they wanted to do was set out a toy pirate ship in the Ocean and see how far it can go. They bought a 3500 buck toy pirate boat and made a few changes to it.

toy pirate ship voyage

What Did They Do?

The boys fixed a tracking device in the pirate boat and added a counterweight for balance. They did this with the help of their father who stuffed in polystyrene and foam to keep their toy boat buoyant. And then launched it into the sea in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire in May 2017.

toy pirate ship voyage

The kids were not very confident that their little boat would make it to another shore but still kept a track of it hoping for a surprise. And their anticipation brought great joy when the boat was spotted 390 miles away from Denmark and put back in the sea by a couple.

How Did The Boat Fare?

It then made to Sweden a month later where a lady named Aksel found it on a seashore rock and replaced the broken sail with a new one. The boat along with a tracking device had a small request. If anyone found it they had to click a few pictures of it and send it to the boys. Finally, they had to set the ship sail in the sea again and that’s what people who found it did.

So the crew of a full-rigged ship that came across the boat, offered to carry the boat 300 miles before returning it to the waters in the coast of Mauritania, Africa. The crew was also kind of enough to make a few fixes of the damages it had suffered in its long voyage.

toy pirate ship voyage

The Latest Update!

The tiny boat then found itself 100 miles of Guyana in South America. The latest update has come from Morocco after 2 months of sailing from Africa. It has withstood strong currents in the Bahamas and has reportedly even tackled 65 ft waves approaching the Caribbean.

toy pirate ship voyage

Since the voyage has turned out to be longer than expected, the boys fear that the battery in the tracking device may die out. So they have requested anyone who finds the boat to please contact them. The kids also have a Facebook page, The days are just packed where they regularly post details about the boat’s whereabouts. The parents of these young boys MacNeill and Vicki Ferguson also run The Marvellous Adventure Club back in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.