How To Make A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your work desk is always a task. With files, papers, stationery and your computer, it’s hard to get the dust off of it easily.  It requires you to move things around while dusting between small gaps and spaces. If only you had a small gadget that would easily suck up all the dust and leave your place squeaky clean, life would just be a tad bit easier. Probably a mini vacuum cleaner tutorial is what you’re looking for.

You can make one easily with things lying around your office. Don’t believe us? We’re talking about a mini vacuum cleaner that you can make using bottle caps and a straw. It’s a cool 15-minute activity that will save the long sessions of cleaning and brushing. The best part it will allow you to get out all the dust from the unreachable gaps in your laptop’s keypad and even phone’s speakers.

You can make one with your kids at home too. While learning how to clean up their mess the kids will also learn something cool. The kids will get a glimpse of how an actual vacuum cleaner works thereby leaving them interested in the process of learning.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner Tutorial: