How To Make DIY LED Decoration Lights At Home

Be it festivals, weddings or anniversaries, we love to dress our homes with LED decoration lights. Celebrations and shopping have come to be synonymous in recent times. With the increased surge of ready-made items available in the markets we have started spending more money and less effort in bringing joy into festivities. How about switching the scale this time and saving some money with a little effort?

led decoration lights

Anybody Can Make Them…

Making these DIY LED decoration lights is not difficult, in fact, it’s a great activity to do with your kids at home. They will experience the joy of making while putting their creative minds to use and learning concepts of science through the process. You will need to use simple items like copper wires, LED lights, electrical tape and USB charger.

Look Out For…

You need to be careful while working with kids. The voltage of the USB charger should be low (about 5V) and make sure you tape all the open ends of the copper wires. The kids can understand how a basic electric circuit works and how you can build it simply at home. The video shows how to make a parallel circuit of lights but you can tinker and construct a series along the same lines.

led decoration lights

What You Can Do With Them…

These DIY LED lights can be used to decorate your home in different ways. Place them in bottles or jars and hang them around your house for an added aesthetic. You can even place them in clay diyas or even use them in wool lanterns for decoration. Here’s a simple tutorial to guide you through the process of making LED decoration lights at home.

Video 1 – Shows how to make the basic LED lights:

Video 2 – How to make the LED  lights blink: