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CBSE KTPI Module 1 – Astronomy in India


Today I was digging around with old Indian texts about astronomy when I found this. Note: This passage from a Brāhmaṇa (a commentary on the Veda, of uncertain date, perhaps about 1000 BCE) appears to show an awareness of the sphericity of the earth, since there is always a part of it exposed to daylight. It […]

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How ASTRONAUTS use a WashCloth in ISS(International Space Station) !!

Ever wondered how astronauts (who live hundreds of miles above Earth and float in weightlessness due to absence of gravity) work around with water in Space Stations ?? That’s precisely what the student winners of a Canadian Space Agency contest wanted to know, and they turned to astronaut Chris Hadfield to find out the answer. Hadfield, who is […]

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ISRO PSLV-C24 / IRNSS-1B Mission

Its a proud day for India as we launch PSLV-C24 / IRNSS-1B into space today. Complex term as it might seem, let me break it down for you! PSLV is the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that will be used to carry the satellite into space. It looks something like this:     C-24 tells us […]

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