Nugget Of knowledge :Why Hair Turns Grey

grey hairs

We are willing to spend $42.5 billion a year covering our grey hairs . That’s more than Americans spend every year on diet products.

Grey hair is one of those things that just sort of makes sense. The ink cartridges in our printers run out when they get old. Why wouldn’t the ones in our heads run out of colour, too? They’re pretty much asking for it, since they keep printing everything in the same colour.

What We Just Found Out

Actually, it’s just the opposite. When we go grey, our bodies are bleaching our hair from the inside out.

Everyone’s body makes hydrogen peroxide naturally. The buildup eventually gets so colossal that itblocks the melanin — your body’s natural hair dye. Without that melanin, the hairs turn grey, then eventually white. And just like that, we’re old.

It apparently happened to Steve Martin at the ripe old age of 4.

So how did we just figure this out? After examining cell cultures of hair follicles, researchers found that ageing adults have lower levels of an enzyme that breaks up hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Basically, your scalp is the site of a battle between good and evil every day of your life.